Sunday, December 20, 2009

Speedie here

Hi I'm Dot & this is the third time I'm doing this great project. I got a little side tracked last year as I was doing recycled theme, but it got me into doing things that I really hadn't thought of before. And yes! I still need to get the pictures to the web mistress over at the BJP website from last year!

This year, I'm still working with the recycled theme, but I'm turning my eyes to a group of beautiful blue glass jars that contained face cream. I hated to throw them away as they are so lovely. So I'm doing my 12 months on a project called either Hidden Treasures or Secret Treasures. I've already found a group of things to put in my new treasure boxes. I found the arm bracelet from my birth, a necklace my great grandfather gave me (a little worn with wear), the first ring my spouse gave me, and my class ring & pin from High School. It is fun just to go through boxes of junk finding such things. I have no idea what else I'll find, but the journey will be fun.


a2susan said...

Hi, Dot. I love your idea of Treasures. I'm going to enjoy seeing how your pieces progress over the year and how the treasures influence your bead work.


Robin said...

Hi Dot and welcome back!!! Secret or hidden treasures is such an appealing idea!!! You're just out of the box from the get go, aren't you! Happy holidays, Robin A.