Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready to start!

I cut & pasted this from my blog

I've finally decided on the size of my pieces for the Bead Journal Project. My pieces are going to be 6"x9" and will be displayed on a rotating basis on a trifold mini-quilt stand I found at Nancy's Notions. I don't have a theme. I'm thinking that, at the beginning of each month, I'll riffle through my fabric stash until a piece "speaks" to me. Once I have a background fabric, I'll fuse it to Peltex and let my creativity loose...whatever will be, will be. When the piece is finished, I'll cover the back with fabric, add a hanging sleeve, and it'll be ready for display. I have to do my lesson plans tomorrow (nothing like putting off unpleasant tasks until the last minute) but should be able to choose my January fabric base by Sunday. WHOO HOO! I'm excited!


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kaiteM said...

Sounds like a good plan Sara. Doesn't it feel exciting to have made some decisions about it. K.

Karen S said...

That sounds great, Sara -- both the beading teachers I have taken classes from suggested just that: let the fabric be your guide. Can't wait to see your project!

Robin said...

You're on a journey here... Whoooo hoooo... I'm excited to see where it leads! Robin

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Sounds like a great plan Sara! Nice to see you so enthusiastic so early in the game. But then, I never doubted it for a minute! You're further ahead than I am, but my plan is to make a make a start on my CQ pieces first. LOL! - Amri (aka Anne Marie - Toronto)

Robbie said...

What a great idea, Sara! I keep my smaller pieces in a folder that only I see! I like the idea of a mini quilt stand for display!