Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm back and raring to go!!!

Seasons greetings to all of my old and new friends! Like many of you, I have lots of ideas, but have not yet settled on the perfect one. I'm not worried though, because I did the exact same thing last year. In fact, I dithered around a lot and didn't actually decide on the triangle shape until the end of December (Yikes!! The BJP started 09/08). My wish for you in 2010 is to relax and enjoy the process! As Robin indicated in her earlier post, this is not a competition. Yes there are people with more experience, but that doesn't really matter! Listen to that voice inside of you, open your mind to the possibilities and prepare to amaze yourself! In case you haven't figured it out, this is all about you!


Robin said...

You're so right, Anne Marie! Welcome back! All last year I would eagerly antipate the day when you would post your finished triangle for the month.... I'm sure that whither the winds blow, it will be the same this year. Happy holidays, Robin A.

Anne-Marie B. said...

Hi to you too Anne Marie!
And thanks for the good advice. you're so right when you say that "it's all about you". My goal is to enjoy that adventure as much as possible and to keep a positive attitude!

Happy holidays neighbour!
Anne-Marie - Val-des-Monts!