Sunday, December 20, 2009

Focusing on spirit dolls

Inspired by Robin (I took her class in Denver last year) - I've decided to focus my first year on Spirit dolls for several reasons. First, I've never worked in any dimension and I'm interested in that process, second, I like the idea of taking the same shape and transforming it in very different ways each month.

I have two HUGE goals this year tho. One (and probably my most challenging) is to finish my piece every month. You see, I'm NOT a finisher. I've picked a ton of ambitious projects and only finished a handful. So, I'm very very excited about this.

My other goal is to "focus" my art and my creativity this year and I hope this allows me to explore that!

I look forward to getting to know all of you - and if you want a bit more about me, I've been blogging for six and half years over at


Robin said...

Hi! So great to see you here!!! Focus and Finish... what great goals! And I love it that you're doing dolls! Last year Sabine made BJP dolls... Did you see her work? It's here. Merry Christmas! Robin A.

Mary-Frances said...

Oh, those dolls are lovely! Happy Holidays and I'm really excited! (first doll is 1/2 done! yay!)