Monday, December 28, 2009

Round 3

Hello my old and new beading friends! Old not as in age since old only means 3 years old! Yes, it's my 3rd year. I'm excited to see new "faces" and comforted that I recognize some of my previous year's "faces". For you newbies, I'm Heidi and I live in Manchester, CT where right now it's actually snowing. Two days ago it rained so hard that it melted away 6 inches of snow from last week. Anyway, I'm excited to begin a new year. I have yet to decide what I'll be doing, other than beading my little heart away. Size and shape - no clue but I do have a few days to decide, right? I started bead embroidery when I found Robin (God Bless you!) and her website and then the BJP. I started out with 5x7 pages, last year I did 4 inch circles and this year, well we'll find out together. I learned a lot from doing the last few BJPs and the number one thing is to not get overwhelmed, don't feel upset if you get behind or if you're work isn't just right. This isn't a race to the finish line, we have lots of time. This where we get to practice new things, learn from each other and get inspired from everyone's posts. I remind myself to breathe and enjoy the meditation of it all. I love when Robin says, if you get stuck - pick a bead and sew it on, then pick up another one and sew it on - it works. I'm so glad to be on this journey with all of you and I can't wait to see what this year brings. It's gonna be greaaat!

Happy New Year to all! Hugs - Heidi

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