Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello again :-)

Hey folks!  I've spent a fair amount to time thinking about what to do for this year.  The first year, I made postcard sized pieces that reflected each month's full moon.  Last year, I did smaller pieces, very simplistic, based upon heart designs and verses from the Psalms...both because I knew I'd be pressed for time and also because I just felt I needed an easier year.

This year, I'm aiming for middle ground :-)  I spent a few weeks just mulling it over, and then decided upon embroidered cuff-style bracelets.  I've cut out all the pieces for the year, but I may end up changing some of them.

I can't WAIT to really get started.  I asked my daughter to buy me Robin's newest book for Christmas, and I think it arrived the other day.  I swear I didn't peek, but R's return address was on the package ;-)

Best to all ~
Beading Arts


Robin said...

Welcome back, Cyndi... I'm sooooo glad you're with us again this year. I loved both years of your work, so whatever happens this year will be wonderful too. Makes me smile ear-to-ear to hear about your Christmas present! Happy holidays! Robin A

Cyndi L said...

Made me smile that she wanted to get it for me ;-)

Double Infinity said...

Hello there - just wondering where your pics from last year can be found. with 3 blogs to follow, i tended to stick to the one i was one, and don't recall any heart on Flickr. I clicked on the green Beading Arts and it took me nowhere! THanks. Trying to get ideas for this year....