Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello from Azerbaijan!

Dear friends, I 'm Konul (Koni) from Azerbaijan.
I'm very happy to be here  for next year. I know there 'll be long, hard working , and  creative year for me here with all of you. I 'm new in bead embroidery, but as I knit and crochet over 15 years, hope to learn much.
Thanks to Robin and organizing group.
My blog and my hand works


Robin said...

Hi and welcome, Koni! I went to your blog... couldn't read a word, but I did enjoy looking at the pictures, especially the earrings with the crocheted balls on the bottom! You'll be expert at bead embroidery by the end of the year! Cheers, Robin A.

Robbie said...

What fun having folks from all over the world! I had to look up on Wikipedia where Azerbaijan is! Welcome and I'm sure we'll all learn so much seeing each others work.

Konul said...

Robin, thank you very much, you are very kind. I hope to improve my English too :).

Robbie, BJP is really wonderful project in my life. I 'm very lucky to be here and to learn from all of you.