Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi from Germany

This is my first time doing a 12 months project and I´m thrilled to be part of this wonderful group of creative people. Thanks to Robin and her co-workers for organizing!
I haven´t yet decided exactly what to do, but tend to combine needlefelting and beading in some way. I definitely want to create flat pieces that can be bound to create a big colourful book at the end of the year.
Can´t wait to start...


Robin said...

Welcome, Karin! Your enthusiasm is wonderful and I love the idea of a big, colorful book at the end of the year!

Where are you in Germany?

Karin said...

Oops, sorry I didn´t see the comment from you. I live near Berlin where it is way too cold at the moment. Good for staying inside, beading :-)

Offkilter said...

I've recently started doing needle felting. How fun to combine the two in some way. Can't wait to see where this idea takes you.