Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I should probably introduce myself . . . .

I got so excited when I got the invitation to the blog, that I didn't even think to introduce myself! LOL.

Hi everyone. I'm Michele, and I live in the High Desert of Southern California, about 70 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. This is my first Bead Journal Project, and, as I said, I'm really excited! I met Robin at the first International Quilt Festival in Long Beach last year, and was so inspired by her work. When I first started following Robin's blog, and found out about BJP, I knew I wanted to be part of this. I anxiously check the BJP website every week! When the announcement came out that there would be a BJP 3, I rushed to sign up. And, here I am!

I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to approach this. I did know that I wanted to do each piece in a way that, once all were completed, could be combined into one large piece. I also knew that each piece would be monochromatic. I want to play with tints and shades of one color in each piece, attempting to create depth and movement with lights and shadow. I also want to work with different techniques. I've been playing with different ideas for colors, shapes and size. This morning I figured it out.

I've always loved the shape of paisleys. (I'm a hippie chick at heart!) My paisley is 4" at its widest point and 7" long. Each of the 12 paisleys will be a different color, and there will be a cabochon prominent within each piece. Once all of pieces are complete, I'll mount them on a frame-mounted canvas to hang on the wall.

I am so excited about this, especially now that I've got my idea solidified. The next couple of weeks I'll get my beads together for the first few pieces. I'm not sure what order I'll do the colors in nor exactly what colors I'll use, but I've decided to start with white. It's winter, it's a new year and a new beginning, and just because I love white!

Thank you Robin, for the inspiration and BJP. Thank you Pam, for putting all this together. And thank you to anyone else involved whose name I don't know. I am so looking forward to this (have I said that before? LOL).



Robbie said...

Love the idea of using paisley's for your BJP! Interesting!! Can't wait to see!!

Robin said...

Hi Michele... Oh, this makes me happy!!! I'm so glad that you went from being a student to making the commitment to join the BJP!!!! Love your idea, especially the white one for January. I am very much looking forward to seeing it!

Robin A.