Sunday, January 31, 2010

January is Finished!!!

I struggled a lot with this new direction for my work... For better or worse, I'm on a pathway and am sure it will improve with each month. You can see January here.

Congratulations to all who are finished already! My goodness, it seems there are more of us on schedule than in previous years. Yay!

Robin A.
I finished a project that was inspired by my bracelets for January. It's posted on my blog, "Karen J" to the left. Now I can start on Febuary!

February Finish

I wanted to get a little head-start on this month, because I know it's going to be a busy one. I managed to finish my February piece today, so thought I would share.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's work, and am always inspired by the textures and patterns that we all create. It's amazing how many things you can do with a little piece of glass with a hole through it! I used the parallel application of bugle beads that I'd seen while surfing blogs this month on my piece. It turned out to be the perfect start for a piece of work that I'm very happy with.

February Progress

Here's link to the progress on my February piece. The hearts are some of my 'zentangle' pieces I made this past fall. I scanned in the three pieces then printed on my hand dyed fabric.
It's great to see every one's work!! Robbie from (finally) sunny Ocala, Florida!

January piece completed!

Yay and with an entire day to spare! I've written a bit more about my thought process...I can't wait to do more. I guess the thing I'm loving about doing the same thing each month is it gives so much room to explore, be forgiving with yourself and be excited with the results (which I am this month!).

Thanks for all the comments on my blog so far - it's fabulous to have support:

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I just wanted to share quickly, a fast easy way to follow all of the Bead Journal Blogs. I found Google Alerts works pretty well. It's fast, free and easy to sign up for. You put in the relevant keywords/labels you want to be alerted on and you get an email when someone posts a blog with that keyword or label.

This is working great for me. Last year I felt awful I didn't have the time to follow all three blogs here. And with even more people this year I figured I try it. This is bringing me to all of them when someone types in their labels/keyword on their blog or on here that I want to be alerted to. So much faster and easier to get these posts in my email and to be able to look, read and comment from there.

I hope this helps.

January BJP for Kaite posted on Yarngarden

Hi everyone, here's just a taster of my January BJP. She's a doll like figure, and just a bit different to the shape i was originally going with. You'll find her on my Yarngarden blog and she's full of life and hope. Come on over and enjoy.
cheers, Kaite M. in Bathurst, Aus.

January BJP - Crystal Chyll

January reminds me of my past skiing days filled with snow and the chill of the snow. Parts of the snow would be black, worn with steps of individuals or snowfall. Crystal Chyll is done in the colors of silver, white and black representing the harshness of winter. The shape of each BJP is being done in a goddess shape and I will be able to wear each as a pendant. Each month, a different stone cabochon will be used in the design. A pearl button, metal ring with the word, Honesty, hex, firepolish, crystals, shells and seed beads were used in this bead embroidered piece. Many of Robin's techniques were used in creating this goddess. Thank you, Robin!
Crystal Chyll can be viewed at
Bead on! Victoria Pearman

January Started!

I've finally started my January page! Yeah! I'm trying to work improvisationally, but it's hard. I'm a "follow the pattern" type, although I'd really like to get out of that. I'm hoping this will help. I also cut the size of my shape down about an inch. It's feels much better, and I think it will be more manageable. I actually like the shape itself better as well. You can view my progress on my blog.

I have February's piece basted and ready to bead, and have decided February's color would be blue. Don't know why, it just is. As I started beading with the white, something said the next one would be blue. I'm trying not to analyze. I'm going with the flow, working from my heart, and trying really hard not to think about it. Wish me luck!

Michele L.

Did I Edit? January Page Finished

I finished my January page. The last time I posted here, I asked if I could edit my improvisational beading. I let the page stew in its own juices for a few days, and then I made my decision.

Come on over to my blog Crackpot Beader to find out what I decided and why.

It has been a real treat to see everyone's work. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

February is All About Love

If anyone is interested, I have posted my February work in progress on my blog.  I hope it's going in the right direction to depict what I'm thinking about!

Indigo's Beads

Friday, January 29, 2010

January finished

After one false start and starting over, my January piece is posted on my Pinelands Patches and Beadscapes blog. I'm feeling only lukewarm about this one, so please don't hold back in your comments. I'm eager to learn! :)


I just found out our local bead shop is closing its' doors. The liquidation sale starts Monday.

Say it isn't so!

Not now!!!

I don't have room in my house to store all the beads I want!!

I would buy the complete inventory of glass beads if I could. As it is, now I have to go through what I do own and see if I can identify any holes I could try to fill at sale prices. How do I know what I'm going to want to use 3 or 6 months from now???

This is the second business I love that has decided to call it quits in the last 10 days or so. I'm afraid of what may be next.

At least I'm in a position to drop a few coins in their bucket. Guess I'll go down and spend as much money as I dare in a final gesture of support and fellowship. {deep sigh}

A very unhappy Magpie Sue

Photoshop Class Might Interest You!

Hi BJPers and CONGRATS on all the finished pieces!!!!! You are sooooooooo fine!!!! I'm almost there... maybe today.

Thought you might want to know... One of our members, Christi C. (Sweetpea Path) has signed up to take an on-line Photoshop class, here. It still has openings.

Today I spent some time reading about the class, looking at the instuctor's (Susan Tuttle) blog, Susan's Flickr page and some of her students' work on Flickr. It looks to me like her class would offer individual attention, flexibility and basic training in photo editing using either Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS. She says that a free, current version of Photoshop Elements is available to students to download for the class. It's a trial offer by Photoshop, so you don't get to keep it forever, but it means you could try it for the class and see if you like it.

Maybe one (or more?!) of you wants to join Christi in the class???!!!!

Cheers and have fun with February!

Robin A.

What a fabulous first month!

I got behind on my reading this month, and only today was I able to get around and visit all the blogs of people who finished their pieces.  I hope I didn't miss anyone!  I promise to try to do better next month and visit you AS you post rather than all in one big rush at the end of the month :-)

I'm making a bead embroidered cuff bracelet for each month this year.  I've cut out all my pieces, although some of them may end up changing if a month comes along and my mood changes.  I decided to start with the brightest riot of colors for one of the dreariest months, January.  My son and his family just moved to Guatemala yesterday, back to the orphanage where he was working when he met his wife (one of the daughters of the directors).  They took my one and only grandbaby with them...I couldn't persuade them to leave her with me ;-)  Anyway, I chose the bright colors because I knew I'd need a bit of cheering up. 

Here's a LINK to my blog where you can see a picture if you'd like.


Just in the knick of time I've finished January's BJP.  Whew!!!  Hopefully February won't take me quiet as long.  Using the bookmark format I've beaded to the word 'interlude'.  My love of words is really and added attraction to the beading.  You may check out 'interlude' at Artjourney

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My january piece is finished...not as embellished as I envisioned it in the beginning, but when it's done, it done!
If you don't want to see it, don't go HERE...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More progress - deadline this Friday (for me)

My entire goal for this was to "for better or for worse" finish a project a month - so I'm hoping to make more progress this week, but so far I'm fairly happy with my first Bead Journal project - you can pop over to my blog to check it out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 2010- Blue Moon Serenity

Hello Friends!
I have completed and posted my January Page. Please visit my blog and take a peek.
I am so so glad to be back in the beading groove.
Best Wishes to all.

Hello to bead friends, old and new...

What a joy to be participating in the Bead Journal Project once again and to view all the beautiful hand work that is starting to unfold.  It's been such a treat to see so many returning BJP'ers here, but it is also very exciting to see all the new participants...this will be some kind of year!

And all the new BLOGS?!  My goodness, it's enough to keep a gal glued to the computer all day - so much to look at, so much to learn.  I finally dove into the blogosphere myself and haven't regretted it for a second.  My primary goal was to create a place to share this yearlong Journal project, but I'm weaving the rest of me into it as well, it seems...

Come on over & have a little read on my fledgling blog, Sweetpea Path, if you'd like to.  There's only a small handful of posts so far but there's some description of my process for this year, the materials I'm playing with, stuff that's inspiring me.  I'm thick in the middle of working on January, so if you're not wanting to view finished pieces yet, don't worry, you won't find that on my blog  :>]]

Best to all,
Christi C.
Sweetpea Path

Wow. I'm loving everyone's pieces. I, unfortunately, haven't been able to start mine. Life has been full of curve balls so far this year, and beading (or anything creative, for that matter) have been put on a side burner. I have a couple of things promised to people, two of which are now late, and three are due in a few days. Those have to be done first, then I can start on my BJP project.

Because of starting so late, I'm rethinking my size. I'll still do the paisleys, and white is my January color, but I think I'll size it down a couple of inches. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about it all. I hope to start in the next week or so, and will post on my blog when I've got more to show.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Editing an Improvisation

I've loved seeing everyone's work so far. Thanks, everyone, for sharing.

My January page might be done or it might not be done. I'm considering whether I can or should edit this improvisational piece. If you want to help me out, come on over to Crackpot Beader and leave a comment.

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beading Binge

Yes, I'm back again. Can't help it. I've been on a beading binge and can't seem to stop. But what fun I'm having. I'm enjoying doing encrusted pages again. The 3x5 size is so easy to handle while beading. I posted my March page on my blog: You can find it at: I have to take a short break from my pages to write some instructions for a class I'm going to teach next month. Yes, of course, it's bead embroidery. I would do it 24/7 if my eyes and fingers would hold up. LOL.

Well on my way

I am now well on my way, though a little nervous now that january is coming to an end so soon. At first it felt like I would have loads of time on my hands, not having any other project to occupy me. Well, that has been the greatest understatements of all of course: as a working mom life itself is a project and a creative one at that. Still, I have managed to find some time to bead and I have just posted on my blog about my progression. I would love to hear what you think so far.
Well, I seem to have done that wrong. If you click on the "Karen J" to the side, it takes you right to my blog. Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out how to do this correctly.

January Project

I've posted my January project on my blog, seen here at

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking & Editing Quality Photos of Your Beading

I just spent most of the day writing a post about how to take and edit quality photos of your beadwork, including your BJP pieces! You can see it on my blog, here.

For example, below are an original picture and the same picture after editing it...

moth pin by Robin Atkins, original unedited picture
moth pin by Robin Atkins, same picture edited with Photoshop CS
It really feels great to be able to post pictures that adequately show the quality, colors and attractiveness of my beading. If you're frustrated with your pictures, I hope my post will help!

Robin A.


I saw on the other BJP that someone was asking a question on how to resize their photos for posting on blogger. I just wrote up a very simple tutorial on my blog in answer to this question. Hope it helps & remember...I'm not an expert at all. Oh...and you can see my jars there!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First Heart

Hi -

I have finished the front of my first piece, and since we're traveling until the beginning of March, it won't get completed until then. I'm now deciding what to do with the heart shape I'm using, as I had meant each to be a necklace, but I feel the heart is too large. So, now I need to decide if it is a pouch or wall hanging. I have until I return to decide. In the scan of it, I also didn't show the beaded bead I'm using. I'm creating a different beaded bead for each journal entry. Those I will be able to work on while away. Here is the link to see my first heart at Mermaid's Jewelz". When I complete it, I will write up the whole description for it, although I will tell you that I used the blues as we have had almost two weeks of really cold weather, like in the high 30s, low 40s to mid 50s, which is really cold for SE FL. This may not be cold for where you live, but it's very cold for where I live.

I've also started a blog in which I mention this project and Robin's site is linked to. It called Susan's Food for Thought, and bead embroidery is one aspect of it.

January beading finished

I finished the beading for my january piece and just uploaded a pic to my Blog.
I can´t believe I already finished the first piece, but it was so much fun and I can´t wait to start the february piece. Now I´ll take a look at all the other pieces so far.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

completed january

I have completed my jan piece

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My January Piece

Well, I managed to finish my January piece despite my challenges this month.  You can read about it and see a pic on my blog, Indigo's Beads.  Thanks for looking!  :)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow!!! Hello Everyone!
I'm here, I'm beading! The last time I got on blogger to post, I wasn't allowed to access this blog!
But now it's all good and I can tell you a bit of what's going on. I didn't finish the last set, though I did get 8 1/2 out of 12 Goddess pages done and I do plan on finishing the others.
For this challenge, I am making birds! They are actually stuffed, from a simple half circle design and they will all have a word beaded or added to them in some way. They will all be strung together at the end, so that they hang. I'm really looking forward to this project, as I have found that it's easier to go into the project knowing what will happen to each page (or in this case, bird) for displaying at the end.
I'm posting at and I do have a current update going there right after I finish here!
Cheers, Denise

I am ready to start...Finally!

I have finally decided on my plans for the 2010 BJP. If you are interested, please take a peek at my blog: A Beadiful Mess I am a 2nd year participant, and am looking forward to seeing every ones beautiful creations! Good Luck and enjoy yourself! Tracey N.

I'm back!

Hi folks! My name is Barb and I'm from Pullman, Washington in the US.

I took part in the initial Bead Journal Project in 2008 but took myself out last year since my son was graduating from high school and heading to college--I knew I wouldn't have a lot of free time. This year is similar--my 87 year old mother is in assisted living and is declining, so I spend a lot of time dealing with the ever-increasing number of problems of hers. But I'm determined, this year, to spend part of my time in the midst of creative, inspiring people. I'm determined to carve out sometime for myself. I'm determined not to feel bad about myself if my pieces aren't as beautiful as some. This is the year to quit comparing and start mining my own spirit, my own creativity, again.

So, for January, my page is about rebirth. It's about starting over and nurturing myself. I appreciate my presence in such a group, and it's been fun seeing other people's wonderful work, already.

If you'd like to take a look, my first page is on my blog.

It's the Middle of January

and my January page is halfway finished. It's not turning out as I expected. Come over to my blog Crackpot Beader and have a look. You can also meet the Snow Princess, a little beaded doll I posted yesterday.

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Sunday, January 17, 2010

False Start!

I had an idea. I tried that idea. That idea was a total stinkbug. It's back to the drawing board. I'll decide on an idea within the next few days.  Right now, I'm leaning towards embellished dolls in either 2d or 3d.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." (Dr. Seuss)

I'm on a roll.

I just posted my February page on my blog. It's called Pathway to my Heart.


January's Done!

Posted my first journal entry to my blog.  Please check it out at Bead Salad and tell me what you think.

Ann R.

Off topic...but!

I have to let you all know that my piece Rachel's Dream just was picked as runner up for the
Land of Odds Earthen Mother beaded doll challenge. I just found out last night before I went to bed & was so excited. This piece IS dedicated to Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring back @ 1962. Here is the website to see more pictures of my piece & to read the story I wrote about my journey in finding Rachel's Dream.

As for January...nope, I still haven't started. Now that this weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I can concentrate on getting my Hidden/Secret Treasure's project started. I do need some help from members here. I'm using the cosmetic jars from L'Octane & realize that I won't have enough jars for the whole if anyone uses this product & has empty jars could they please contact me & I'll buy/trade for them. I need three more jars as I have 7 now & know I'll be buying at least 2 more for the year.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Pieces Done!

I have figured out how to hang my BJP ornaments. Thanks to those of you who came over and offered your help. :- )

I have also made a second ornament already. It was one of those things that just came together, almost by itself. All I had to do was provide the labor. Gotta love it when that happens! I didn't really plan to count it as my February ornament but given the life events we're expecting in our family in the next few weeks (premature twins) it might be wiser to call February done.

If you want to see pictures you can hop over to my blog.

Magpie Sue

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jill's Leaf Garden

My January project is finished! Look at my leaf at

January Piece done

Hi all - I finished my BJP for January. I've posted it on my site. This is my 3rd year with the BJP and I'm excited to be part of it. It has definitely helped me grow as an artist and given me a reason to try new things.

My series this year is called a Round Peg in a Square Hole as I'm having a 1.5" enamel inside a 3.5" square. Each piece will have an enamel with a different technique (I specialize in Cloisonne, but dabble in other techniques) and a new type of fringe. January's enamel technique is called Sgraffito which is scratching through a raw layer of enamel to form a design before it is fired. They will each be framed in an 8 x 10 shadowbox with a flocked matte board behind each one. Each frame is the same, but the matte board colors will change.

Note: on my web page there is a back button to take you to the overview of this year's BJP. That page then has a back button to get you to all my BJPs which have more description than what is on our website.

Have a BEADy Good Day. Karen

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am new to The Bead Journal Project. I am very excited
about joining all of you on this adventure.
I have just started a blog at:
to narrate my journey.

Let the beading begin...........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Shaped Out

I have finally picked my chosen shape/ size...its something different (for me) and i think it will be hard at times to stick with it, but thats the challenge... i guess i can finally start beading it now :) loving everyones work so far ;) cant wait to have a good look when the month is up :) xx

Road 2 CA ribbon

Not quite related to the BJP (although I posted my finished January piece on my blog). My completely hand-made (piecing and embellishing) crazy quilt, "Crazy Diamonds" just won its 9th ribbon at Road to California quilt show. (It also got a first at AQS, first at Empire Quilt Fest and Viewer's Choice and Vendor's choice there and at Bennington). Naturally, I have many beads in this piece. Here's a paisley on the quilt. You can see my BJP piece and more pics of this quilt on my blog:

Betty Pillsbury

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Finish

I've completed my January piece, which can be found here. I learned a lot from completing this piece, and had to make a couple of false starts before ending up with the finished work.

Finishing Question

I am at the finishing stage of my January BJP ornament and am not quite sure what the best approach might be. If anyone would like to pop over to my blog to have a look and give me your opinion I'd appreciate it.

:- )

Magpie Sue

A blogging Tip: opening in a new window

I usually like following links that are posted in blogs or on websites, but sometimes have a hard time tracing back the URL I started at. It always comes in handy when a link opens in a new window, so here's how to do that on you blog:
  • when editing your post go to the edit HTML tab after you have added a link
  • you will find a piece of HTML-code that starts with a less then sign  followed by a href =
  • right after the a you now add a space and then the command target =blank
When you return to the compose tab, you won't find anything changed. But when you try the preview and try out the link, you will see it opens in a new window. This way you won't loose the page you were originally viewing.

Have fun with this Tut.

My January 2010 Is Done and Posted

I finished my January piece. You can view it here. The second attempt I should say for January. It is a lengthy post but I learned a lot from this one.

I hope you enjoy....

Begin at the Beginning

I know everyone is beading busy -- getting started on this year's BJP.  I have posted a comment (and picture) on my blog Artjourney as I get started on this year's BJP.  This is going to be fun!

me again

Okay.  Think I'm getting a wee bit more of a grip on this.  As I said yesterday, the contributor list for blog #1 is done as far as I know it. If you have a change to it, please let me know, I am making the corrections as they come in. 
also, the Participants List for the 2010 BJP is only found on blog #1.  If you notice something wrong, or you are not on it, LET ME KNOW!  If you can send me your name, your email address, your blog address, anything that will help me identify you, that will help tremendously.
Diane and I are working on this quickly.  Diane was sooo gracious and helped me out with the registrations and now I just need to get all the info together and make sure I have not missed anyone or their info! Please, please, please let me know if I can help!  I do this stuff in the early morning, so if you don't see a change right away, check back the next morning. 
Once again,
- if you want to add a blog link to your personal blog,
- if you want to change how your name is listed
- if you want to be listed
- if you want to change anything about your listing on the Participant list or the Contributors list on blog #1,

send me your info, name, how it is listed now on the list, your email, your blog, anything that will help me identify you.   send it to me at

have a wonderfully beady day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

January installment

Posted a photo on my blog at

It needs "something" in addition to improved technique, but I will NOT fuss with it anymore until I "know" what it needs...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January BJP by Robbie

You can check out my finished January BJP journal here. Robbie from Michigan but residing in snowy/cold Ocala, Fl. for the winter!

Let the Beading Begin!

My paisley has gone through three incarnations since my last posting. I now have a version I really like. The first was way too "stiff." The second was a little more fluid, but still too stiff. This final version is much more relaxed. My original plan also included adding a cabochon to each piece. Unfortunately, the first weekend of the year found us putting down over $1,300 in car repairs, commuter bus pass, and textbooks, above our normal bills. So, obviously, new materials are not in the budget now. Fortunately, I have such a stash of just about everything, that I can make do with what I have. (I guess that's now a Resolution for 2010: Use up what I have!) I don't have a lot of cabochons, but I do have a few large beads. Several years ago, I bought some large Venetian beads in a few different colors, and I do have white. I also have some seed pearls, some natural and bleached mother-of-pearl beads in a couple of sizes, and a lot of seed beads. So, here is my paisley shape ready to bead, the white bead I will be using as my focal piece, and some of the other beads I may be using for January's "New Beginnings" piece. I'm so excited!

January 1st/2nd

Upon reflection, it wasn't the muse of creativity that was a problem (she never leaves my side), it was the Goddess of Bead Embroidery that had other plans for the year.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i'm hurrying!

I have started working (finally!) on the participant list of the 2010 BJP.  It will be on this blog only and will be a list of all registrants and their homelands. I will be finishing it tomorrow!  I will also get the blog #1 contributor list up and working.... lol... so sorry to distress everyone!

Smoothing Out the Wrinkles ~ Blog Woes to Be Resolved ASAP!

Hi BJPers!

As some of you know, we're having some wrinkles with the blogs this year. The issue is that we have close to 300 members, which means all three blogs are full to the maximum capacity. Initially we had the four angels and me as authors on all four blogs. We had to take ourselves off in order to make space for everyone.

Still there are wrinkles... we don't have a final "Authors List" for Blog #1 yet. Also there are a few of you who still haven't responded to your invitation to be an author.

Good news... YOU can help!!!

1. If you wish to write posts (be an author) on one of the BJP blogs, but do not yet have authorization, please contact me... robin [at] robinatkins [dot] com. Give me your name (plus any aka names you use for blogging), your email address (the one you want to use for the invitation), your city and state/country. For the subject of your email, use "BJP - blog author problem". I will make sure to re-send your invitation.

2. If you are listed incorrectly on Blog #2 or #3 "Authors List," please contact me... robin [at] robinatkins [dot] com. Give me your name and the correction you wish to have us make. For the subject of your email, use "BJP - blog author listing correction"

3. If you are on Blog #1, please be patient with us a little longer. We'll try to get the "Author List" posted as soon as we can.

4. If you are double listed or even more importantly, if you are authorized to write posts on more that one of the BJP blogs, please contact me... robin [at] robinatkins [dot] com. Give me your name (plus any aka names you use for blogging), and explain the double listing. For the subject of your email, use "BJP - double listing"

Thanks so much!!! We understand how important it is to be able to post! In the meantime, have fun with your January BJP and reading all the fascinating posts here!

Robin A.

Friday, January 8, 2010

a non-BJP project for January

I know, i know, it's not exactly my BJP, tho of course it could be. What i'm talking about here is a bead embroidered brooch that i've just finished which is up on my blog if anyone wants to see it. For those who are new to encrusted beading this one took me about 8 hours. It's a present for my Mum (85 this month).


I noticed Blogs #2 & #3 have contributor lists, but there is none on Blog #1. Any special reason? Just curious.

Construction assistance, please

Bead embroidery newbie here: I've chosen two fabric colors to start my first BJP page. And, no, I haven't decided what size yet ;-) The darker color will have an irregular edge overlapping the light color. Should I seam it? use a fusing product? leave it and cover it with beads? The completed piece will most likely be encrusted, unless I change my mind ... again.

Will two layers of fabric and interleaving paper be too heavy to bead through? Thanks for any experience you can share with me.

Winter Storms

If you want to check out my January page, look on my blog.

All is right with the world again. We are officially doing another BJP. It's funny how a project like this can invade all aspects of your world, but it sure has mine for the past two years. Just knowing we've begun, is like coming home.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Great to Be Back!

Hello, everyone! I'm Marty S from Western Michigan. This is my second year in the BJP. Although I was a little apprehensive starting last year, I found the BJP very rewarding, both in process and product. It was a real treat to see everyone's wonderful beading and to feel that I got to know some of the other members. I know from the posts so far that 2010 will be another wonderful year.

After considerable dithering (It happens to the best of us...), I decided to stay with the same size page for another year. A 2.75 inch square worked very well. It was large enough for design variety but small enough that I could complete each page and still have time for other projects. Well, except for the February page, but I had good intentions and a rationalization that confused nearly everyone.

I use Lacy's Stiff Stuff as a foundation, and I paint it to match the main color of the beads. I lean strongly toward a monochromatic palette, but I may try more color variety this year.

My blog is Crackpot Beader. Come on over if you want to see what I've been doing. I haven't started on the January page, but I just posted a new little beaded doll. And I'll have another doll up tomorrow when there's better light for a photo. It's cold and snowy outside, but warm and welcoming at my blog.

First Experiences

I just had to report on what happened when I first began to work on my January piece.

I considered a lot of shapes and sizes for my BJP pieces this year. At the last minute I created a diamond shape from a 4" x 6" rectangle. As soon as I had it cut out I knew I had finally hit upon the right one for this year. I already had a color palette in mind for January too. However, when I finally sat down to actually stitch, my preconceived plans didn't work out. I kept at it, looking further in my stash for something that "spoke" to me. Well, I wasn't prepared for how loudly it was going to speak! All I stitched down were a few charms and some seed beads but I really felt like some wiser part of me was communicating with me. I hated to put down the work when I had to stop for the night. I haven't been able to pick it back up again yet either but I have a new directive to accomplish first: create a dedicated spot for my beadwork. In the past it has always shared time and space with my quilting activities. No more. I'm taking over another room in our little house so I can move the computer and then use that spot for my beading.

If you want to read the blow-by-blow account of all this it's covered in the last four or so posts on my blog: From the Magpie's Nest.

Any Twitter folks here?

Anyone else on Twitter?

I'm beboldjewelry if anyone wants to "socialize" that way in addition to these blogs.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year of Beading

Hi everyone! As a returning BJP member, I am excited to see so many old friends and new beaders as well. I have been beading for about 10 years now, but until the BJP started a couple of years ago, I found it difficult to focus on the kind of beading I really wanted to do. Well, that came to a screeching halt when I arrived at BJP! While I still do other types of beading, my primary focus is on bead embroidery. I just can't seem to get the beads sewn on fast enough now. No comments from those of you who know me.! I've almost finished my January page and will post it on my blog shortly. You can find me at: I welcome comments and love to share ideas.


Be Sure to Check Comments!

Hi Everybody and thanks for all the introductory posts! Wow!!! What a diverse and lively group we have... on all three blogs!

Two thoughts...

1. Try to make time to read all three BJP blogs. You can leave comments on all of them, but write posts only on your assigned blog.

2. After you write a post to your assigned blog, please check back a few times over the next week to see if anyone has left comments for you!

I notice that on one of our three blogs there are lots of commenters... Bravo!!! Comments are a wonderful way to build community... keep it up!

Hope you're all busy beading and stitching (or painting, pasting, stamping, or....) on your first BJP piece for the year!!! Me? Well, I haven't started yet... However, I have given myself this evening and tomorrow to be in my studio with ONLY my Jan. BJP!!!!!

Have a very beady new year!
Robin A.

Following the Inspiration

Hello,  my name is Angie and this is my third year with the BJP.  I started a series of posts called Following the Inspiration for anyone who is interested in following the path I have taken from original germs of ideas, through the what ifs, the trials and finally to the end idea.  I have been delayed in posting to it do to a move during the holidays and lack of internet access.  Once I get all of the posts for that series I will start with the posts for this years BJP.  If you are interested you can go to: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.  I would like to say I am really glad that we are doing the BJP again and say Hi to all the returnees and Welcome to all of the newbies.  

Introducing myself

I'm Carol, in Ohio, a total novice at beading. I've put beads into my embroidery in the past but I've never designed my own or been creative.

But this year, I decided it was time to learn something new, break out of my "basic" box. So here I am, here and in a quilting guild! Every five minutes I ask myself "What HAVE You done, girl?"!

I want to learn beading so I can use it in my embroidery *and* in crazy quilting. So my 2020 "journal" will consist of 5.5 x 5.5" quilt blocks which I will use as sampler pages for new stitches I have learned.

Anyway, my blog for my stitchery (and my beading, I hope) is at

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello from Calgary

This is my first year in the BJP, and I'm hoping that it will inspire my beading as well as my blogging. Although I'm new to the project, I've been beading for about 20years, and do other forms of bead art, including lampwork, peyote and other stitched forms of beadwork. I have lots of ideas for the coming year, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's work.

My blog can be found at


Another NEWBIE for BJP 2010

I am no good at blogging and keeping it updated but i will try :)

I am new to the BJP and missed out by two weeks in joining last year, so quickly marked it on the calendar for this year. So here i am ready to bead the first months. I am going to start out small a 2x2 inch square, i will be reflecting on last year for this month. It will be mainly bead embroidery as thats in my comfort zone. Cant wait till april to see all the pieces that have been made by then... xxxx

my newly created and empty blog can be found here

Use same '08' clip art box

Robin, I'm wondering if there will be a new clip art box we can use for our blogs. Mine says '08' bead journal project. Maybe I missed that posting somewhere? Just wondering...would love a 'new look' although the other is beautiful.


Hello all,

I'm another first-timer. I cut out my pieces moments ago and will put in my first stitch following this post! We'll see how much I can get done during my lunch hour:)

I'm going with a square that is roughly 2"x2". I don't know the exact dimensions since I cut out a piece of cardboard to a shape and size I liked and used that as a template for cutting out my shapes. I've recently gotten into micro-macrame, so there is a good chance that some of my pieces will include elements of that as well, even if just for finishing the edges.

I am looking at some potential (exciting and long-awaited) big changes in my life soon (trying to get pregnant, possibly moving, husband back in school, etc) so I want to spend my bead-journal-beading-time reflecting on what I want from these changes...and hopefully channel some of the stress that will inevitably come with them!

I can't wait to see what everyone is working on and look forward to getting to know every one better.


Introduction and January Piece Finished

Hi Group. I am Betty Pillsbury. I'm a crazy quilt artist and instructor and also am an herbalist and herb farmer. I've been crazy quilting for many, many years and always love to use beads in that art form. I've finished my January piece and blogged about it on my blog:

I am thrilled to be taking part in this year's BJP. May 2010 find you all filled with inspiration, creativity and abundance.

Betty Pillsbury

Invite from Dot

I LOVE bead embroidery. It is probably the most favorite art form I have ever found. I think it a therapy to the hectic life we all live through these days. I noticed that many people doing the BJP are relatively new to bead embroidery. I would like to invite anyone to join a Yahoo Group I & my friend Cynthia have started. It is called "A Bead Story". It is only about bead embroidery. We have experienced people there willing to share their knowledge and to learn. We have doll makers, jewelry makers, and quilt makers all together enjoying their delight in this very versatile technique. If you wish to hone your skills or just learn, laugh & share then consider this group as an addition to our blogs. It might get chatty so if you are limited on time consider the daily digest. Please come & join myself (Dot) and Cynthia and add your own chapter to "A bead story".



Dithering . . .

Hello, I'm Kathy B from the Pacific Northwest and new to BJP this year. After having viewed and read about most of the past two years, I couldn't resist joining the challenge (with some gentle nudging from previous participants). Bead embroidery is also new to me. I recently finished my first project, a beaded button, after taking a class from Robin in November.

But now I must decide what to do and how to do it for BJP. I'm having trouble deciding on a size: If it is small, it might be difficult to use a wide variety of stitches, sizes, and colors of beads. But if it is large, it could be time-consuming to encrust or design a cohesive pattern. And what shape should it be? Should it be something practical to be used or worn? or something to be viewed / displayed but where, how?

Decisions, decisions, oh dear . . .

My blog for beady and other subjects is Beady Zoo, but it is in serious need of updating. Maybe after I choose a size, shape, theme, oh my.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just to say Hi

and hopefully this year will be more productive than the last. I have decided to create a blog just for this year and you can follow my progress here.

Just saying Hi

Hi, I'm Jacquie...I live in California and have signed up for the second year. I am sooo excited to do this again. I didn't finish all my pieces from last year, and yes they are still in the works... I'm thinking I may do my tag style design once again, but a bit smaller. That could change though if some outside inspiration hits me! Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello I'm looking forward to another year of meeting new friends and perusing the eye candy. Here's a bit of what I did last year. That is my bead journal only blog, but my main blog is here which has 'all about me and my family as well as day to day activities

New year, new BJP

Well, I know what my project will be for this year's BJP. I decided at the end of last year to create a 12 sided dice bag for my husband, who loves his RPGs, and who has long requested me to create a bag for him. Each piece will be a pentagon, and will be stitched together at the end of the year to give to him as a Christmas gift. I plan for each pentagon to represent something significant to our marriage, and will begin sketching this week. I found last year that, even though I didn't use the original sketches I had created for my project, they did help me to flesh out my ideas.

I am looking forward to this year's project-and know that it will be a wonderful surprise for my hubby come December!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I feel excited!

I do feel excited that it finally has started! Going on a journey always has this long and tedious preparation before you actually embark... Yesterday as I went over to the store to purchase a backing for my january piece I found just the perfect colour felt. At that moment I felt: this is it! I am curious as to what lies ahead but am in no hurry.... the road is more important then the destination.

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? she asked. Where do you want to go? was his response. I don't know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn't matter.

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) English mathematician and novelist.


So much for my post of January 1st. I went to bed feeling good with my decisions for the year and then sometime during the night the creative muse struck and when I awoke I knew my plans had changed. You can see my January post at

My January Journal

OK, so I cheated before we left for Florida by starting on my BJP project for January! But isn't enthusiasm great! You can read about my progress in my blog post today. Sign me a warmer is sunny but 'cool' 34 degrees Florida! Beats the 3 degrees back home!


Hello everyone,
Last night I couldn't sleep and I decided to actually do the BJP10. I joined the BJP08/09 and loved it. But I also saw a busy year ahead with all kinds of things happening. So I wasn't sure if I would actually participate. But now i am. I got out of bed, rearranged my tiny beads, chose the colors, put them in a box and decided what shape I am going to do. Today I read all the posts and here is my first posting. Hello to everyone and hope you have a great year. You can see my blog here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have a question. I cut out all of my pieces for the year in advance. I wasn't thinking, I guess, and I cut everything to an exact 4 x 4 square. The thing is, I wanted to do a 4 x 4 square again this year. Can I still? Or do I need to go with a smaller size like a 3" square or a 3 1/2" square?

Also, I have posted a challenge I think some of you may be interested in on my blog. From what I've read so far in some of your posts, it can go along with what we're doing here.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st and we can begin?!

Hi Everyone! Where is my mind? I'm sitting at the pc looking at all the posts and it dawns on me that today is the day we can start! Wow! It really is January 1st. It just snuck up on me. Wonder if anyone else was caught off guard. I posted earlier that I didn't have the foggiest idea what I'd be doing but I do now. I'm so glad I decided - that is half the problem. Now I can get going although probably not until tomorrow, since it's late for me. I forgot to give my blog last time, so here it is if you'd care to look:

Happy New Year to all my BJP friends, I'm looking forward to being inspired again this year.

Heidi in CT

January 1st

Hello - I'm a returning member, this being my third year. I joined the first year because I really wanted to learn bead embroidery. Not only did I learn, I found my favorite medium for working with beads. That said, I'm not sure how much bead embroidery I'll be able to do this year. I've a calligraphy course that needs to take center stage. My plan for the year is to do a small beaded item and then as time permits, do a bead embroidery piece.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

January 2010

This is my third year as a member of the bead journal project. I will try something different this year. If you want to see my January project, you can see it on my blog.

Happy New Year