Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another NEWBIE for BJP 2010

I am no good at blogging and keeping it updated but i will try :)

I am new to the BJP and missed out by two weeks in joining last year, so quickly marked it on the calendar for this year. So here i am ready to bead the first months. I am going to start out small a 2x2 inch square, i will be reflecting on last year for this month. It will be mainly bead embroidery as thats in my comfort zone. Cant wait till april to see all the pieces that have been made by then... xxxx

my newly created and empty blog can be found here http://chaneloldfield.blogspot.com/


Offkilter said...

I also marked my calendar so I would quit missing the deadline to sign-up!

Robbie said...

I just saw some of your work...very nice!! Can't wait to see what you doing monthly!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robbie ..i am just getting started for Jan now :) xx