Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let the Beading Begin!

My paisley has gone through three incarnations since my last posting. I now have a version I really like. The first was way too "stiff." The second was a little more fluid, but still too stiff. This final version is much more relaxed. My original plan also included adding a cabochon to each piece. Unfortunately, the first weekend of the year found us putting down over $1,300 in car repairs, commuter bus pass, and textbooks, above our normal bills. So, obviously, new materials are not in the budget now. Fortunately, I have such a stash of just about everything, that I can make do with what I have. (I guess that's now a Resolution for 2010: Use up what I have!) I don't have a lot of cabochons, but I do have a few large beads. Several years ago, I bought some large Venetian beads in a few different colors, and I do have white. I also have some seed pearls, some natural and bleached mother-of-pearl beads in a couple of sizes, and a lot of seed beads. So, here is my paisley shape ready to bead, the white bead I will be using as my focal piece, and some of the other beads I may be using for January's "New Beginnings" piece. I'm so excited!


bubbygigi said...

Michele, the colors you chose are so soft and pretty. What size is your piece? I hope to start my project by the end of this week.

a2susan said...

Hi, Michele. Your paisley is very nice, but if this is your January BJP piece, can you please put it on your personal blog until the first three months are up? That's one of the guidelines...and then in April you can start sharing on the BJP blog.

Holly B said...

Hi Michele-
You have inspired me to try (try, I say!) to stick with existing stash. Good luck to both of us.
Holly B.

Michele Ann L'Heureux said...

Sorry, Susan. I guess I missed that guideline. I've put this on my blog as well.

Bubbygigi -- (love the name!) The paisley is about 7" long, and 4" wide. As you can see, there's plenty of space for beads!

Hi Holly -- Good luck to you too. I'm sure at some point I'll need to buy something, but I'm hoping it won't be until near the end of the year when I've used up most of what I have!