Tuesday, January 12, 2010

me again

Okay.  Think I'm getting a wee bit more of a grip on this.  As I said yesterday, the contributor list for blog #1 is done as far as I know it. If you have a change to it, please let me know, I am making the corrections as they come in. 
also, the Participants List for the 2010 BJP is only found on blog #1.  If you notice something wrong, or you are not on it, LET ME KNOW!  If you can send me your name, your email address, your blog address, anything that will help me identify you, that will help tremendously.
Diane and I are working on this quickly.  Diane was sooo gracious and helped me out with the registrations and now I just need to get all the info together and make sure I have not missed anyone or their info! Please, please, please let me know if I can help!  I do this stuff in the early morning, so if you don't see a change right away, check back the next morning. 
Once again,
- if you want to add a blog link to your personal blog,
- if you want to change how your name is listed
- if you want to be listed
- if you want to change anything about your listing on the Participant list or the Contributors list on blog #1,

send me your info, name, how it is listed now on the list, your email, your blog, anything that will help me identify you.   send it to me at pamtru63@gmail.com

have a wonderfully beady day!

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Robin said...

I think we're getting very close to having everything straightened out!!!!! Thanks so much Pam! Robin A.