Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking & Editing Quality Photos of Your Beading

I just spent most of the day writing a post about how to take and edit quality photos of your beadwork, including your BJP pieces! You can see it on my blog, here.

For example, below are an original picture and the same picture after editing it...

moth pin by Robin Atkins, original unedited picture
moth pin by Robin Atkins, same picture edited with Photoshop CS
It really feels great to be able to post pictures that adequately show the quality, colors and attractiveness of my beading. If you're frustrated with your pictures, I hope my post will help!

Robin A.


Holly B said...

Thank you Robin. Your help has come at the perfect time - after a frustrating evening taking bad pictures. It's too late tonight (midnight) but tomorrow AM I'll start fresh and take great care to read everything!
Holly B.

Robin said...

You're welcome, Holly. Yes,a fresh start will help! Robin A.

bbdyevr said...

Oh Robin!
Love the piece you posted here! and thank you for the info about pictures & posting.
I am trying some things on my computer!