Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A blogging Tip: opening in a new window

I usually like following links that are posted in blogs or on websites, but sometimes have a hard time tracing back the URL I started at. It always comes in handy when a link opens in a new window, so here's how to do that on you blog:
  • when editing your post go to the edit HTML tab after you have added a link
  • you will find a piece of HTML-code that starts with a less then sign  followed by a href =
  • right after the a you now add a space and then the command target =blank
When you return to the compose tab, you won't find anything changed. But when you try the preview and try out the link, you will see it opens in a new window. This way you won't loose the page you were originally viewing.

Have fun with this Tut.


Anonymous said...

This works great for blog authors, and here's another tip for everyone whenever you are clicking on a link. "RIGHT" click on it instead of the usual left click, then select and click on "Open Link in New Window".

Magpie Sue said...

I always wondered how this was accomplished. Thanks for that Dees!

Robin said...

Thanks for the tip Dees!!!! Very good way of explaining it. And thanks, Barbara, for your tip too!

Robin A.

Karen L. Cohen said...

Thank you for teaching all to do this. It does make following links easier.

Winter Wanderings said...

Thank you thank you thank you ... now to see if I can actually do this correctly ...& then remember "how" in the future!

Cheryl said...

Can't thank you enough!