Monday, January 4, 2010

Just saying Hi

Hi, I'm Jacquie...I live in California and have signed up for the second year. I am sooo excited to do this again. I didn't finish all my pieces from last year, and yes they are still in the works... I'm thinking I may do my tag style design once again, but a bit smaller. That could change though if some outside inspiration hits me! Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello I'm looking forward to another year of meeting new friends and perusing the eye candy. Here's a bit of what I did last year. That is my bead journal only blog, but my main blog is here which has 'all about me and my family as well as day to day activities


Beady Zoo said...

Hi Jacquie. Just took a quick peek at some of your BJP pieces from last year. I really like the tag style design. What size do you think you'll choose for this year?
Kathy B

Jacquie said...

Kathy,I'm thinking either the same size or a bit smaller..haven't started yet...:o)