Sunday, February 7, 2010

My very first beading challenge entry.

Feeling like a very raw beading gal from Sydney, I am bravely posting a photo of my very first beading entry. I decided on postcards (4 x 6 inches) as my monthy entry - thinking this is managable and it allows for my freewheeling approach to textural interest!

January has been a very busy month (having organised an annual program of workshops for a surface design art group for our State), so here is my minimalmist postcard, called "circling around".


sydsider said...

I love this piece. The mixture of textile, beads and paint. I also live in Sydney and will be emailing you soon to learn more about your workshops.
Look forward from you.

Robbie said...

VERY nice piece...are the darker blue circles stamped or screen printed?? i love the movement you achieved with the piece.

Robin said...

I love the concept of "circling around" so naturally your piece is very appealing to me!!! It is freewheeling and textural and fun!!! Raw? Well, maybe you FEEL that way, but you certainly made a great start!

Robin A.

kaiteM said...

Go Girl, this is a lovely "free wheeling" start. Just go with the flow Pamela.

Magpie Sue said...

I love the way you've integrated so many different media in this piece. I bet it's even more awesome in person.