Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January almost done

Janaury is almost done now, and thoughts about february are coming to mind. I guess it must seem I am a little off track with time, but then I decided I wanted my pieces to reflect my life and become a journal. Who's to say what lies ahead? We are now halfway through february and my initial plan for this months piece has already changed without even being one bead strung.

I would like to know however where all you folks get those awesome face-cabuchons from. I seem to be unable to find them here (the Netherlands are an underdevelopped country bead-wise). If I could get a hand on them I would love that.

Happy Beadings to all.


Crazy Mama said...

good question, dees! i would also like to know where those great faces come from. i haven't come across any in the shops i visit or online bead stores. i can't wait to see your work for january!

Anonymous said...

It's not really hard to create these for yourself. I recently got interested in doing that and have put two faces on recent projects. Buy some polymer clay (inexpensive per block) and do a little research on the Internet (perhaps on You Tube) to find some tutorial instructions for creating a face. It's really fun!

beadbabe49 said...

There are also some wonderful commercial molds made by maureen carlson, so you can make your own faces and paint them however you'd like.

Magpie Sue said...

I know what you mean about wanting the bead embroidery to function as a journal and having your design plans change almost daily as a result. At least, that's what's happening for me!

Robin said...

Sometimes when you Google images (as in face cabochon, you get some interesting possibilities... such as: here.

Also, here is one place that seems to carry a lot of the face cabs made with bone. I've always gotten mine at conferences, so haven't bought them on line.

Good luck, Dees!

Penny said...

You might check out Etsy -- there are sites there that sell polymer clay faces.

flyingbeader said...

Lets' see....if I was doing Feb for my reflections today it would be....MORE SNOW!!!!! LOL!

I make my own face cabs. I'm a doll maker so I have many different molds, or make my own. Write me...I have tons! I also make molds of vintage buttons & then using clay make cabs which I then paint. Besides using cabs I buy at the local bead store here's something else I use...marbles that I get from Joanns in the flower section. They are the ones that are used for the vases & most are flat back. Perfect for embroidery! And they come in different colors. Also found some flat back marbles at the Dollar Tree.