Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm done! Hooray and thanks for all the support

Thanks for all the support - great ideas for this spirit doll (and the next) and the best thing - I'm done!

February doll

Oh, and the complicated bit. I've moved my blog and changed the name. That which was: "Frequently Wrong But Never in Doubt" is now "I am not a handbag" - and can be found at that domain.

The old URL points to the new blog, but if you could change me it would be great!


Anonymous said...

I just love yet another of your spirit dolls -- especially that face! Sorry to be leaving the comment here, but I got confused trying to leave it on your blog.
I guess I'm just a "blogspot" gal only.

Robin said...

Hi Mary-Frances! I can't find any way to make a comment on your new blog, so am resorting to this. Hope you see it!

I really have strong feelings reading your post about art and particularly about your schooling. It makes my blood boil.... so wrong! Such a long time you didn't do any art... It must have been awful to have all that talent and heart sitting dormant. Thank goodness you're back! May your next 30 years be FILLED with all the art you can make, exactly the way YOU want it to be!!! My suggestion? Paint 25 painting that you never show to anybody. Paint fast and gritty. Let those long years of pent up art pour onto the papers. Never show them to anybody. They are 100% for you! Just a thought...

Love your February doll! She makes me feel better and more hopeful that you'll emerge an artist after all!

Robin a.