Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Check In for 2010

Glad to be back for year two and a big THANK YOU to Robin for reminding all of us that there are few if any rules (I guess other than honoring the no pictures until after April 1). Also, I love the new logo for the 2010 BJP.

How am I doing--so far so good. I have actually completed my pieces for January and February and am contemplating starting my March piece. For me, going with a smaller format seems to have helped. We shall see a few more months down the way if this continues to hold true.

At this point I do not have an overall theme and am just approaching it as a means to explore and expand my work. I do seem to be expanding my color palette as a result of being part of the project.

Now to go and update my personal blog to refect that I am now participating in the 2010 project.

Side note for those who may be wondering about my status from 2008. I have 5 of the 7 Chakra pieces completed and still have plans to complete the series.

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