Friday, April 2, 2010

January 2010 BJP - AMD

So, my friends, have you wondering what I've been up to? My January BJP has been finished for a while, but I was having computer issues so couldn't post. The purpose of this little teaser is to invite you to visit me on my new blog at . As you can see, I've finally bitten the bullet and done the deed. I'm now a card carrying member of the personal blogging world. LOL! I still have a way to go with the formatting, but at least it's a start! By the way, it's now April, so it's officially okay to introduce a little colour to the BJP blogs.
I haven't started March yet, but I stitched the last bead onto February this morning. I'll post again tomorrow. - Anne Marie - Toronto

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Robin said...

Yay and welcome to blogging! Robin A.