Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi Everybody!

I've been gone 6 weeks (pre-vacation, 2 wks in AZ, post-vacation and then the coughing virus... now finally, I'm back! I'm also seriously a behinder.... Today is set aside for catching up on BJP blogs. Tomorrow I promise you, I'll get to work on my March BJP... that's a PROMISE!

Now, the invitation...

I am a contributing writer for Creative Beading magazine
(Woodlands Publishing, Australia) and would like to mention the bead journal
project in my news column if this is ok with you. If so I would love some images
jpeg 2mb in size if possible. Many thanks
Sue Cordes

I replied to Sue that she's welcome to write about the BJP for her magazine. However, I have no control over the images posted by our members. I suggested to her that I would post her invitation on our blog and anybody who is interested can send her an image or two directly. So there you have it... I hope some of you will respond!

Pictures on our three BJP blogs ~ Just a reminder that you can now post pictures of your BJP pieces on our three BJP blogs! If you have a personal blog, it's really fun to post a teaser, an image that shows only a small detail of your piece, here and a link to a post on your own blog where we can see the pictures of your full piece.

I'm so impressed with all the BJP work I'm seeing this year. Everyone is stretching, getting out of the box, learning... It's amazing, beautiful and creative!!!!

Robin A.

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