Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Year

Some of you have started asking about BJP 2011...

I'm sorry that I haven't addressed this earlier. In my personal life, things have been (and continue to be) up and down a bit lately. My attentions are drawn elsewhere and I've not kept up with blogs in the way I'd like.

So, I'm torn. Part of me wants to continue leading the BJP for another year; part of me feels the need to step down, to continue making one visual journal piece every month, but not to organize and shepherd the BJP program. Sitting on the fence, thinking I can do it one moment and needing to be released from the responsibility the next, is what has delayed notice about it.

I see no immediate resolutions to the personal issues in my life. Therefore, probably the best thing is to open the door for somebody else to take over. I am willing to act as a consultant/advisor, and am also willing to let go of the program as I designed it. In other words, any past participant who would like to take it on, is welcome to alter the program to suit their own style of leadership or run it with the same guidelines and system as we use now.

One other possibility is to take a year-long break and see how things look for 2012 to start again.

I need to know if there are volunteers to take over and/or what you think of the idea of taking a break. Go ahead and state your thoughts by making a comment here (of any length)... or you can email me privately (robin[at]robinatkins[dot]com).

Again, I'm sorry and apologize for my need to let go at this time. Thanks for giving some thought to this and for participating this year!


beadbabe49 said...

Although I am not usually a fan of doing things by committee, I think this might be one time it could work well.
Can you do a quick (I know your time is especially limited right now) of the components involved in organizing the bead journal project?
I know brenda has been doing the member pages but am not sure who else has been helping?
Anyway...if we can gather together enough folks to run this for another year, I'd be glad to volunteer to be one of them.

kaiteM said...

you need to direct your full attention to what is most important on the personal and family side, all else is play when you have the energy and time to do so. no need to apologise, what you have done to date has been remarkable and extremely generous.
go where you are needed...k.

Roberta Warshaw said...

What if a facebook group or fan page were to be set up for BJP? People could upload their own photos and chat about their work. I am not sure how that works but then one person would not have to necessarily be in charge.
Or maybe a flickr group. On the same idea as the "Ring a Day" project. People share their work, comments etc. Yet no one has to necessarily be in charge.
Just some thoughts.
I hope all is going to be OK for you.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh I see you already have a flickr group. Sorry I mis-spoke.

flyingbeader said...

You know what? I'm in the same place as you are. I have so many things going on that I haven't even been able to catch up with this year's monthly commitment & I'm behind two months now with October coming up. And I've got a big personal problem coming next month so I'll be even further behind.

Me? I vote to take a year break. Let's all take sometime & catch up & reorganize & see where we want to take this fabulous challenge. I'm not quitting...I just have to step back a little as life definitely got in the way this year.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I vote for a year's break as well! I haven't started my July piece yet and would like to mount both my 2008/2009 triangles and the 6" squares. 2011 could be a year of exploring and celebrating our creativity and showing off our treasures.

Margaret Sutherland said...

Robin, I think you certainly deserve a break and a chance to enjoy the community you have created. I wish I could volunteer but I have some career challenges right now. While I would love to have it start again in January, I'll understand if others decide a year break is needed. I've enjoyed this project so much and am on target with 21 pieces, not every one has that luxury. Just know we are so grateful!

Marty S said...

Robin, please don't worry about needing to attend to things besides the BJP. The BJP has been a gift to all of us who participate, and we are grateful to you. Thank you.

I'm not sure how I could help. I'm pretty much a techno-dud (which is the opposite of a techno-dude). I have retro hardware, retro software, and retro skills.

What could be done by someone like me?
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

heidibeads said...

Robin, please take care of youself first! You don't need any worries from us. I suggest a year off but if others want to continue, I wouldn't mind being a registration person. I think I can handle that for this year. What ever you need from me, you have it:) Big hugs coming your way. Heidi in rainy CT

Cyndi L said...

I can do specific tasks that I'm assigned. Bobbi, feel free to email me directly with anything. I don't really want to be making decisions...I'll just do what I'm told!

Karen L. Cohen said...

Ditto that Robin should take care of herself 1st. I also am too busy to organize the group at this time, but if someone does take this on, PLEASE DO NOT do a FaceBook thing. I am not on FaceBook and have no intention of doing so, thus I would have to drop out of this group that I love and have been part of for 3 years. But if some webwork is needed for the project, I could donate my time to doing that.