Friday, September 3, 2010

Finishing ~ Tutorial Posted on Beadlust

BJP beadwork for April, June and August by Robin Atkins, mounted for display
Many of us have now completed 8 pieces and are thinking about what to do with our work for the year. No pressure... the best part has already happened... the doing of the work is where most of the benefits happen (or so it is for me). But it IS fun to finish the work and make it displayable in some way.

One way is the subject of my current post, here. It's a tutorial on how to mount non-3-dimensional pieces on stretched canvas frames. The results are very professional-looking and give an impression of fine art to the work. Above, you can see three pieces I've mounted in this way. I'm so pleased with how they look that I decided to write about how to do it.

If anyone else wishes to put a finishing techniques tutorial on their blog, I'd love to see it!

Remember, if you have 8 pieces finished and photographed, you can have a personal page devoted to your pictures on the Bead Journal Project website. Check here for directions.

Some fabulous work being done this year... Bravo, everyone!

Robin A.

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