Saturday, June 19, 2010

I finally finished May

Finally I "found" the story to go with my Secret Treasure theme for the year BJP. I knew i wanted to tell a story about my first Scottie, FalaPink, but didn't know what it was going to be. I couldn't write about his death as it is still after 10 years too hard to even think about that day. But today when I woke up, I knew this was the day. I sat here in front of the computer, told myself "this is the day! This is the day!" and just began to let the story tell itself. I didn't realize what it was going to be about, until I typed the last word, sat back and was amazed. It didn't even know I was going to write about community instead of about my wacky dog. So here is my May entry on my Blog.

dot favorite local bead store is closing...I'm sad...the owner is retiring. So tomorrow, I go to say goodbye to old friends and memories.

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