Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who Will Help?

Not so many replies to my post of a few days ago about needing volunteers to continue running the BJP next year... Where is everybody???

HUGE thanks to Tracy N and to Bobbi K for being willing to take on some of the responsibility! Thanks also to Marty S, who says she'll help if there's something a techno-dud can do, and to all who took the time to reply, supporting me in my need for a break from the responsibility of running the program.

I'd very much like to see it continue. Are there two others who would have a little time and some computer skills willing to join Bobbi and Tracy to keep it going? Thanks for giving it some thought!

PS To those who are still posting their BJP pieces.... Splendid work!!!! I'm thrilled to see the talent and creativity in it!!!!


Carol@Rose Hedge Studio said...

I have a slow computer somedays, other days its pretty fast. I dont know how to post pictures yet bit I'm trying to learn. If there is anything I can do let me know.

robin michelle said...

Just saw your post! I'm willing to help, I definitely want to see it continue. I'm pretty good as far as computer skills too! Just let me where I can best fit in.

Jody said...

I am so sorry I totally missed the post, I would very much like to help in any area I can. Just email me.

Would very much like to see the BJP continue as I think it is very "therapeutic".

I also need to post to my blog my latest BJP :-)