Monday, May 31, 2010

May done - by the skin of my teeth

My goal is to finish - so although this was rush (hubby says I should name her Hasty) - she had some experimentation in her and some other issues I think I learned from. And a few things I liked.

You can see the rest of her at


Anonymous said...

What fun, and hooray for being so persistent! She radiates peace in spite of your problems getting her together. That's an inspiration. :)

Karen L. Cohen said...

I really like her, especially that she stands up for herself, by herself. Good job! I also am not thrilled with my May piece so it must be catching (LOL). Do you know about the Yahoo Goddess Dolls group - great group with challenges and swaps - check it out at: . There are a few BJP members in it. Last month was a beaded goddess challenge. This month is a felted faerie.

Mary-Frances said...

Oh thanks so much both of you! It's nice to get some support when you're not feeling fabby about a new project!
Ooo, and I'd love to go join the goddess dolls group! Sounds fabulous! (now you know where I'm headed!)