Sunday, January 14, 2018

Wow! it's been 5 years since I've added anything to this post. So many changes since then. I've gotten into weaving, bookbinding and changed my career. What brought me back was thinking about getting back into beading - back into creating - so I was checking out the Bead Journal Project to see if it was still running. I can't find anything current so I think perhaps I'll just set up to do my own thing for the time being. I like the idea of trying to accomplish one piece a month so I think I'll go ahead and do that. I'm also playing with the idea of Spirit Dolls as per Robin Atkins bood of the same name.

So since I woke up this morning thinking about fear and what it does and doesn't do in my life perhaps that will be the start. I'm going to pull out some beads and some fabric and see what I can come up with. I'll post later when I get it figured out. Or maybe when I finish it - this feels like something that you just do rather than something you map out meticulously beforehand.


Robbie said...

I have to tell you the Bead Journal Project got me started big time in bead embroidery! I was a member for several years and so inspired by all of the wonderful work the folks did each month. Good to see you get back into the monthly project! Look forward to pics!

Winter Wanderings said...

I too have taken a long break away from all things bead-related .... but peeking in and happy to see this post, then realized it's been a year since it was posted.

How are the beaded spirit dolls coming along?
That's exactly one of the many ideas/wanna-do's that's been rolling around in my dreaming, creative side. Hope to jump-start myself and perhaps finish a spirit doll I began quite some time ago ....

Happy 2019 to everyone & may the creative juices continue to flow (and maybe we'll get to sharing on this blog again too....).