Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beaded butterfly - 1 more down and more to do!

Five down...seven to go, right! I will finish this year's BJP but it might take me into 2012! I've finished four beaded birds and one butterfly so far. Each piece is 8 1/2" x 11". You can read more about my project and how I'll be finishing each piece.
Robbie's Paw Prints May's BJP

Robbie from Michigan


Gabby said...


Nana said...

Wow, what an artist you are and how much patience you got to have! I love the butterfly and I love the rest you made.


ParisMaddy said...

this is absolutely beautiful.

netdera said...

hmm! very nice

netdera said...

hmm! very nice

CharmN Jewelry said...

Beautiful butterfly...and I can imagine the patient needle work that has gone into it...looks heavenly.Initial Charms

Sig Wynne-Evans said...

That butterfly is AMAZING!!

home decor store said...

I simply love butterflies because they inspire me a lot!
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Kelly J. R. said...

This is AMAZING!!! And it's so BIG! Wow! True talent.

Aleta said...

I wish I could stand over your shoulder and learn from you! This is stunning!!

James said...

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